Part of a sixth-semester school project: A baby stroller designed in collaboration with Stokke. The styling is inspired by the futuristic and disruptive look of the Stokke Xplory stroller. The concept is about applying electricity to a product meant for children 0-3 years old. The general challenge was doing it in a safe and sensible way, to keep it safe and trustworthy for the users. The stroller features 360-degree lighting and designated pathway lights. It also has an assistant electrical motor for balancing up and downhill weight differences.
The assistant motors only help if enough pressure is applied against the handle, compared to the strollers own weight. When going down hill the motors will break and charge the battery like in an electric car.
In the front is a safely placed handle for carrying the stroller of a bus. It also mimics a nice "face" 
Every stroller brand has their signature underbody, so creating something new that still reflected Stokke was a challenge.
3D Printed models to help figure out the right proportions
Evocative illustration in low light conditions
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