A speciality tool designed to create VR-compatible stop-motion animation.
In a conversation with my animator friend,  it came up that he wanted to try something that has never been done before. A normal stop motion film takes a long time to make in itself, as the norm is 12 frames per second of video. When adding a full 3D-scan to that, you would have to have at least 12 x 70 photos for every second of video. The normal way to do photogrammetry is to take pictures while carefully walking with the camera around the object you want to capture. Completing a project of that manner would require a specific tool. Thats why I built Orbital.
The rig automatically does one full revolution and captures 24 photos in about 40 seconds. Between every revolution, the user adjusts the height of the camera to get full coverage of the model. A full capture takes a total of three sweeps. This drastically reduces the time of capturing the model.
The brains and muscle of the rig. Off the shelf parts as the Arduino UNO and a 28BYJ-48 stepper
MDF board soon to become the work stage of the rig
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