Nominated for the "Prize for Complexity and Holistic Approach" // AHO Awards fall 2015.
Fifth-semester school project: Brand, service and functioning prototype of a machine that helps people sleep and relax in a continuously growing city's noise. The device is fixed onto the window, using the resonating properties of the glass to vibrate it in your desired frequencies. Natural sounds, like rain, that you effortlessly adjust the intensity of, will help mask the outside noises like traffic and drunk people. With the accompanying application, you can calibrate and choose sounds from a theoretically infinite sound library.
How it works: The same way as the first sip of red wine tastes more than the last, and your nose adjusts to bad smell. Your ears will by your genetics fade back upfront frequencies to be able to pick up others. If the frequencies that is prevalent is the same as the noise you want to get rid of, then they wil actually be dampened. It doesnt hurt to do it with the sweet soothing sound of rain on a tin roof.
User journey with Mellow 
Folder informing what Mellow is, and what it does. To be given out by a doctor in cases of patients struggling with noise.
my own personal business card as CEO of the company.
Website for Mellow
Videos with low-quality sounds that play for way too long are watched hundreds of millions of times on Youtube. It is also dangerous to have your computer turned on next to you while sleeping. Therefore, this is the perfect place for advertising for Mellow as it goes straight into an already primed user base.
The app let you calibrate for window size, sleep timer and pick the perfect type of sound of your liking.
technical sketches. fitting of electrical components, logistic placement of suction cups and the outer shell's locking mechanism onto the base. 
from 2D to 3D
exploded view of the basic components. the construction is screw-free to ease repairs and recycling.
Wiring and programming: VVVV controlling a 10 track crossfader in Ableton live, through an Arduino controller.
development of the "mellow" logo
If you want to know more about Mellow and how everything works you can read the full more detailed report here
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